Parental Inspiration

We have included excellent videos and inspirational information to help you navigate through the challenges you face as parents raising thriving kids in today’s society. The content and sites are some of the tools we like and wanted to share them with you to make parenting a little easier. Just click on the images below!

Tool Kits

sesame street

Since life and children do not come with an instruction manual, check out these cool tool kits to help ease things along the way.

Interactive Videos

first step reading

Work your way through the fun interactive video lessons. 

All Free Kids Crafts

kids crafts is pleased to welcome parents and kids of every age to their collection of the most exciting kids’ craft ideas from all over the web.

Alphabet Worksheets

fontPrintable worksheets to help learn to recognize and write letters.

Numbers Worksheets

onePrintable worksheets to help learn to recognize and write numbers and count.

Shapes & Colors Worksheets

spherePrintable worksheets to help learn and draw basic shapes and recognize basic colors.



sight words

Printable worksheets to help learn to recognize common words.

Writing Worksheets

penelopePrintable worksheets to practice on writing cursive letters, words and sentences.





A cool website with loads of family activities.

Printable Activities

first school crafts

Come and have fun with preschool and kindergarten printable activities to learn basic skills.

Boys Town

boys town

Boys Town saves children and heals families, giving them the hope they need to turn their lives around.